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This part of the video covers from Rohtang Pass – Gramphu – Khoksar

Rohtang Pass

50 km to the north of Manali into the Eastern Pir Panjal lies Rohtang Pass, nature’s perfect spectacle. It connects two beautiful valleys of Himachal Pradesh – Manali and Lahaul & Spiti. The name Rohtang means ‘ground of corpses’ and it was assigned to this pass because of the number of people who lost their lives while trying to cross it in the past. Yet it is thronged by countless travelers during the span of 6 months when it is accessible and is open to the public
Adventurers and biking enthusiasts reach here braving slippery roads, their dangerous curves, and sometimes extremely rough weather. The reward for this effort is being greeted by snow-capped mountains, breathing in fresh mountain air, and experiencing the thrill of a challenging journey.

The strategic location of the pass coupled with the spellbinding escapade of nature all around makes Rohtang Pass so popular. The imposing peaks of Geypan can be seen looming large on the pass. It also acted as an ancient trade route between the either side of Pir Panjal range.

As the route beyond Rohtang is accessible only for a span of 3 months (July-September), the road holds significance to people coming from Lahaul valley. This is the time when they transport staple crops and potatoes to the market in Kullu and sustain on the earned money for the remaining part of the year.

Besides, Rohtang Pass serves as the gateway to Pangi and Leh valley. Enchanting sights of glaciers, snow-covered peaks, glaciers, and rivers continue to amaze nature lovers as they ride the bottlenecked roads that are unforgiving and don’t entertain novice drivers

19 km beyond Rohtang is Khoksar- a picturesque village in Lahaul district, which also happens to be the coldest place in the region. The village has some amazing dhabas in the region and is indeed a recommended place to stay. If you are traveling during summers, there are chances that snow would have melted away and the vision beyond Rohtang will leave you mesmerized with its allure.

Here comes the first check post where we need to produce our entry permit documents for further journey to Leh-Ladakh.

One has to take a Rohtang Pass permit to travel up to and beyond Rohtang. This is a mandatory permit for all the travelers traveling to the pass. A charge of INR 500 + INR 50 (congestion fees) has been imposed by National Green Tribunal on every vehicle traveling to Rohtang.

There are two kinds of permits, one is for traveling up to Rohtang Pass and the other one is for traveling beyond Rohtang Pass,which is mainly for travel purpose. Online permit for traveling up to Rohtang is available

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Watch “Bungee Jumping at Jumpin Heights – Rishikesh Diaries” on YouTube

Jumpin Heights is a completly adventure lover place located in Mohan Chatti near Rishikesh. Famous site among fun and adventure enthusiasts, Jumpin Heights has a fixed platform for Bungee of 83 mtrs over the river Hall, a tributary of river Ganga. Operated by a highly experienced team from New Zealand, Jumpin Heights offers Bungy Jumping, Zip Line and Giant Swing. Jumpin Heights has the Asia’s longest flying fox of 1 km.

Jumpin Heights follows international standard operating procedures and safety. Minimum requirement for Bungee jumping is 12 years of age and weight between 35 to 110 kgs. After the jump, jumpers can see photographs and video of the jump at the cafeteria. Tickets for Jumpin Heights can be book online or at their Tapovan office.

Jumpin Heights Rates 

Bungy Jump – Rs. 3500.00/-

Giant Swing – Rs. 3000.00/-

Flying Fox (Tandem or Triple) – Rs. 1700.00/- 

Flying Fox (Alone) – Rs. 3000.00/-

Bungee Jumping shouldn’t be missed if you are traveling to Rishikesh. I am not a fan of Giant Swing and Flying Fox but bungy was an awesome experience. It’s an absolute value for money. 

The bungee crew at Jumpin Heights is very friendly and helpful. They helps you 100% for the successful completion of your first bungee jumping.

Jumpin Heights : 9/10 👍

A Ride to Megamalai Highwavys Mountain Ranges.

Travel Guide.

Megamalai – ‘The High Wavys Mountain Ranges’


Megamalai also known as “Paccha Kumachi” in Tamil, means ‘Green Peaks’ is known for the cool and misty High wavy mountain ranges. Megamalai is situated in the Western Ghats in Theni district, Tamil Nadu at an elevation of 1,500 m above sea level. This is the one of the very few unexplored verdant Hill Stations in South India. As you get closer to Megamalai, the waves like formation of the ‘High wavys’ mountain ranges and the refreshing dense lush green hills with tea plantations will start creating a visual splendor to any Nemophilists.

Meghamalai02Most of the 6000acres of tea plantation in megamalai is owned by the private tea planters that includes The Highwavys Estates owned by The Woodbriar Group, Ananda Plantations, Ponsiva Plantations and Feildmede Estate. It’s so hard to spot any restaurants or hotels once you enter the top hills of megamalai, other than private owned cottages like the one maintained by Woodbriar Groups. Don’t be that last minute guy who thinks like taking rooms after reaching the destinations, because this time you will regret for that. So  proper planning is required to visit megamalai.


Did we enjoy our trip!!

” Megamalai is the heaven on earth, it’s a heavenly paradise ”

why would I even compare megamalai with heaven, which I haven’t even have any idea how it looks like?.

Megamalai is  not a famous travel spot among the tourists, some doesn’t even heard about the location. This may be because of the long stretch of unpaved roads to reach the destination, which is not opted by most of the travel agents. During our visit to Megamalai some part of the roads were waterlogged. The landslides are also a serious issue to be considered during your trip. So yah! better take SUV’s or bikes.

It is always better this way, because the megamalai is famous not only as the kingdom where the clouds meet the mountains and the High Wavys mountain ranges.It is  the fewest of some destinations where you can enjoy nature peacefully. Once you enter the Megamalai estate premises, you will feel free from all stressful distractions around you. That said, no network coverage for your mobiles.

It is always advisable to book and confirm your stay before visiting, Woodbriar Groups is providing the best stay at megamalai with their three variety of Cottage packages. We stayed there during our visit to megamalai on Dec-2015. We are so pleased with their quality of service and food, they are really keeping some standards. Speaking of which all the three cottages are far from each other, so there is ample privacy and you wont be disturbed by any ways. You are asked to confirm your rooms at megamalai because there are very few lodges and rest house available at the hill top.


Sightseeing at Megamalai

Megamalai is a fragile, pristine, and relatively undisturbed tourist spot in South India. Highwavys is a view point that will afford a wonderful view of the entire mountains range of Varusanadu Hills. The Highwavys panchayat also has a number of attractions like Manalar Dam, Venniyar Dam and Iravangalaru Dam, Megamalai estate and Maharajamettu where tourists view vast catchments of Thekkadi dam, Magarajothi hill of Sri Iyyappan temple and a bird’s-eye view of Theni district. Apart from these tourist attractions, Venniar Tea Factory is not so far from the Briar cottages. Woodbriar team arranged a short tour to the Tea manufacturing unit which is an absolute  value for money.

The megamalai view point with the mountain peaks kissing the snow-white clouds with an amazing backdrop portrayed by the green forest cover and blue skyline is a sight to behold in your memories. Sunrise is a phenomenon not to be missed when you are on a trip to Megamalai. There is a short and a very steep trek to reach up to the view point that practically feels exactly like wandering through the forest ranges. We found it adventurous and thrilling due to the presence of wild life like Bison.



According to our personal experiences the main attraction was the stay at Woodbriar cottage and the view point. The stay at briar cottages covers most sightseeing locations, because you  have to pass the reservoirs and viewpoint to reach the guest houses. So yes it felt like a heavenly paradise in earth or at least in South India. It’s the one stop solution for anyone to take a brake from their stressful busy life and live in nature, enjoy the nature.

Do we need permission to enter Megamalai !!

I am not sure about any such requirements, hopefully its open to public. If you have your booking with you, then its a permission.

During our visit Upper Manalar entry was restricted, not sure about current status.

Accomodation at Megamalai !!

As per my knowledge there are two options.

  1. Government Guest House will be cheap, you can get the room below Rs.850 which is maintained by megamalai panchayat.


Phone No: 04554232211, 04546- 232225, 232211

Mob: 9442781748

2. Woodbriar Cottages is highly recommended for those who prefer the privacy and good travel experience.

Click on Woodbriar Cottages for checking their website.

How to reach Megamalai !!

Using road transport, Meghamalai can be reached via Theni and Chinamannur. It’s a rugged terrain and perhaps one of the most desolate areas you could encounter in South India. There is no human settlement after you cross Chinamannur and you will only see the reserve forest areas on either side of the road. For its scenic beauty, this is the route that most of the travellers prefer while travelling to Meghamalai on a private and rented vehicles.

Public Transport service is facilitated by TNSTC, which is not at all recommended favoring the road conditions.

If you have any more related enquiries relating to the current road status, entry permission requirement and other related information, please check on the below listed Megamalai Travel forum link.

Megamalai Travel forum

  1. Plan your trip after confirming  the rooms at Megamalai.
  2. Oct- Mar is listed as the best time to visit Megamalai. Since the roads are pathetic be extremely careful if you are driving to Megamalai during the rainy days. You may encounter land-slides, slushy roads, rugged terrains once you pass Theni.
  3. Consider travelling in SUV or vehicle with some ground clearance.
  4. There is no vehicle repair or servicing center on the way. So it is important to carry a toolkit and spares.
    Enjoy the trip.!!

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